We pride ourselves on open and honest communications with our our owners.

When your horse is in full training you will receive:

  • –  Weekly voicemail updates every Wednesday,
  • –  Regular track work videos, including key gallops in the lead up torace day
  • –  Race day and barrier trial/jump out videos
  • –  Owner education videosWe also produce a fortnightly TV show – MCR TV – which keeps owners and fans informed about all the latest news from within the stable.In addition to this, owners can keep in direct contact with Michael via two new initiatives available on the MCR website:
  • –  Schedule a 15 minute phone call with Michael between 2-3pm Monday-Friday via the website
  • –  Live text chat with Michael via the websiteWe are also heavily active on social platforms and encourage owners and fans to follow us to experience everything going on behind the scenes.


Owners Update Examples:

Click Here for owners voice updates.

Click Here for raceday updates.

Click here for Trackwork updates.

Click here for Trial review updates.